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Live Interview w/ Dr. Craig Wright (Bitcoin SV) 2021 01 29 interview by Dustin Plantholt

“Live Interview w/ Dr. Craig Wright (Bitcoin SV)”

2021 01 29
Dustin Plantholt
en YouTube–2Ryp84

01 – “I want as many people to read my paper.”

03 – “The sexiest part of Bitcoin is micropayments”

03:25 – BTC is passing off as Bitcoin – the importance of a stable protocol.

05:45 – There’s no permission less for changing the protocol.

07:25 – What happens if you change the protocol

08:45 – Why people don’t believe you as Satoshi?
Because Bitcoin is not a Cypherpunk project

10 – Keys are not ownership
Ownership can be represented and controled by the keys.
WP says Keys are controlled by the owner
Property – Ownership

*11:30 – The PGP footprint
A complex peace of scrip code hidden

12:00 – How to proves you are the creator of Bitcoin? – By Law, Bitcoin is not a Cryptocurrency
The system can not work if there’s something encripted.

13:40 – BTC is an airdrop

14:28 – On August 210 I said “op lock time” was daft

14:50 – LN in their WP says to resemble and mirrors the actual bank system
Lightning Network

15:35 – Bitcoin was not a project in the github, was not a community project, it was Stewardship
Stewardship o Mayordomía

16:40 The original code was written only by me

18:30 – In 2012 I contracted a lot of engineers and staff

18:45 – What your relationship with Calvin Ayre? @CalvinAyre
Best decision I ever done is fired myself of CEO and become Chef Scientists of nChain

21:20 – Why to find an investor?
“I still have a 75%”

24:45 – Having Asperger, how is to work with you?

26:20 – “Im suing people that passing off

27:45 – “Tether is a complete scam”

28:40 – Charles Ponzi democratizing finance

29:15 – Banking is not cash, Bitcoin is not banking

30:40 – Every exchange is custodial, DeFi is Scam, fraud
DeFi Decentralized finance

32:30 – Cz/Binance has built nothing

35:44 – 20 -Years ago, we have web IPOs

39:00 – AML says funding!!!

40:00 – Im the messenger here, Law has to apply

43:40 – Bitcoin doesn’t need Visa cards

45:40 Bitcoin and fees in the thread world, this is what bitcoin is!!!

49:20 – Hand off don’t give you dignity, through work is dignity

54:00 – Not Im gonna give you the fish, but Im gonna teach you to fish.




Dr. Craig Wright by Dustin Plantholt

YouTube BSV español

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Written by Ramon Quesada

Passionate about Blockchain & Bitcoin technology since 2013, Co- Founder of, Team Manager in the CoinTelegraph Spain franchise (2016-2017 years) Co. Organizer of the Blockchain Boot camp Valencia 2018, Co. Organizer of the mini Hackathon BitcoinSV Barcelona, in August 2019, current coordinator of the BSV Valencia Meetup.


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