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Maybe a great World move, starts with a little action!! by Herman Sanchez

Herman Sanchez

Maybe a great World move, starts with a little action!!!!!!



Hello community Bitcoin Sv my name is Herman Sánchez, I am Venezuelan, I live exactly in the State of Táchira (Venezuela), I am the founder of a humanitarian campaign that is responsible for donating food to needy people who live on the streets and who do not have the necessary resources to feed themselves, I invite you to know a little more about our work.

I have been involved in the world of cryptocurrencies for about 3 years and even more involved in BitcoinSV, I feel happy in this wonderful world, for 4 months I have started a very nice humanitarian campaign to help people who live on the streets and they cannot feed themselves properly, on different dates and activities we have managed to serve about 420 people who live on the streets, everything has always been duly registered, documented and photographed to give authenticity to our humanitarian activity, the funds for this activity were in a principle totally my own contributions, I wanted to encourage people to carry out charitable actions in their countries, some people have joined as sponsors of our humanitarian campaign and today by the hand of such an important and influential person from our BitcoinSV community such as RAMÓN QUESADA, we bring our humanitarian campaign to this great family, we tried to continue obtaining funds from different means for our campaign and thus contribute to a better world and what better than to go hand in hand with BitcoinSV, we understand that the world economic situation is not in the best way as a result of Covid-19 we try every day to help and provide food to these people who need it, the important thing will not always be an economic contribution, with our humanitarian activity we try to create awareness and spirit of helping others, it is time to help that person who needs it and who does not have the same fate us to count with a home, food and a family.

We have achieved the number of 8 charitable activities in which we have donated food to people who live on the streets and who due to adverse situations at their will, do not have for their daily sustenance or at least to be able to eat once a day. This activity is not governmental and is clearly non-profit, we carry it out with our hearts and with the awareness that we are bringing a breath of life to these people who need us so much and that the government of my country abandoned them and does not lend them any type of medical or food assistance.

I invite you to know a little more about our humanitarian campaign that we continue thanks to our community BITCOIN SV


Promote change

We are a non-profit organization whose mission is to help people who live on the street by donating food in order to improve, enrich and contribute to the food and quality of life of the less privileged, as well as promoting the conducting charity campaigns. by the members of the BITCOIN SV community encouraging them to carry out these activities and thus generate new opportunities to help the people who need it most and live on the streets.
All in order to provide comprehensive responses to the problems of poverty and lack of food for people from the values of dignity, justice and solidarity.


We want to form an organization that is recognized and supported by the BitcoinSV community and continue to promote the improvement in the diet and quality of life of the less privileged who live on the street and who, due to this condition, are at a disadvantage. and exclusion by society, as well as continuing to promote charitable activities by the BitcoinSV community.
We intend to develop our mission together with the different organizations and individuals of the BitcoinSV community and to be able to provide a service to the person who needs it where justice, peace, freedom and solidarity are done. prevail.
We trust in the human capacity to build a more equitable and just world where each person can have a decent life and satisfy their food needs.


Our values

  • Equality and Dignity: Always with the recognition as a person of all the inhabitants of the street, whatever their physical or social conditions, giving them the proper value of being human within society.
  • Solidarity: We act together to provide solutions that help us improve the quality of life and nutrition of less privileged people.
  • Justice: Where there is no discrimination, exclusion, and poverty that dehumanize, in which all people, especially the poorest, marginalized and less privileged, as part of society, hope to improve the quality of life every day.
  • Commitment: With the people who live on the streets. Their condition as persons implies that they are subjects of the rights that correspond to them as such.
  • Transparency: Transparency is Documenting and publishing our way of acting, as well as the responsible use of the means and resources that we have for the fulfillment of our mission.


This campaign and solidarity activity has always had and will have the intention of donating food to needy people who live on the street until today we have served approximately 520 people to whom we have provided food but we have a new goal and we believe that we can achieve the goal of donating and providing medicines to people with heart deficiencies, vitamin deficiencies, illnesses such as allergies, flu and vitamin deficiencies who live on the streets and who, due to the Covid pandemic, are more vulnerable to being contracted by any disease from the non-existent public health services for people living on the street by the government, this foundation carries out non-profit activities, it is totally supportive. We will continue to donate food to people who live on the streets and we will also collect donations to be able to donate medicines to these people. Our intention is to help people who cannot obtain food or medicine due to their economic situation, as well as who live on the streets and do not obtain any help from the Government.

We count on the love and solidarity of all of you to achieve the goal of raising: $ 4000 equivalent to (23.3 BSV, 0.35 BTC).

Any help or donation will always be welcome, thanks to these contributions we can make more donations and meet our goals Our activities are fully documented and recorded through authentic photographs and publications, we will always publish accurate and timely information about our charitable activities.


Herman Sanchez




Friendly and a perfectionist, Herman Sanchez is loved by both donors and partners in our program. His love for helping out and providing food to needy people living on the streets makes us proud and very fortunate to have such a wonderful founder on our team.



Great influencer in the world of BitcoinSV, he is a highly valued volunteer of our humanitarian activity. Ramon Quesada supports, organizes and promotes new programs among our staff, members, and volunteers.     (Español)


We count on the support of people like you to generate sustainable changes in the lives of these people who live on the street. The financial help we receive makes a big difference in the way we carry out our programs here at the Hearts BSV Foundation “Donate food to needy people on the street”. However, if you prefer to donate your time and energy, we would love to be able to use your skills and talents in a way that helps the beneficiaries of our charity.

DONATION BITCOIN SV: 12Hwyakzo6Bt8khagN4upcCG69y6X2zyui





Do you want to support the Foundation hearts BSV “Donate food to needy people on the street”? We would love to receive your help, the community we help will be delighted. Contact us for more information on donation opportunities. Regardless of how you can help, we guarantee that you will have a great impact on the lives of many people.

“Big things are made by a series of small things combined.”

Vincent van Gogh

If you want to observe all our humanitarian activity documented through images you can go to our Blog and you will find our multimedia library. All our humanitarian activities have been photographed.

Herman Sanchez






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Let’s show the transformation power of Bitcoin SV!!!


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Written by Ramon Quesada

Passionate about Blockchain & Bitcoin technology since 2013, Co- Founder of, Team Manager in the CoinTelegraph Spain franchise (2016-2017 years) Co. Organizer of the Blockchain Boot camp Valencia 2018, Co. Organizer of the mini Hackathon BitcoinSV Barcelona, in August 2019, current coordinator of the BSV Valencia Meetup.


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