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Ray Dillinger

Who is Ray Dillinger? AKA Bear


“My background is mostly software QA and Natural-language processing. I got a couple of patents for a way to disambiguate pronouns in free text and autogeneration of queryable content from parsing free text. These days I work on independent projects and have an actual job doing something else. I coordinated the IEEE1148 (standardization of the Scheme programming language) committee.Interests:…

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2010-02-27 large-scale programming systems inspired by ecological and market systems. By Ray Dillinger

2011-06-21 The Value Of Syntax?. By Ray Dillinger

2012-09-12 How much power should programmers have?

2013-01-20 Units and Numerical niceties. By Ray Dillinger

2013-01-21 Numbers and how to represent them. By Ray Dillinger

2016-07-16 A language for blind uncomprehending idiots who have no idea how programs work. By Ray Dillinger

2017/06/30 Jon Matonis and Craig Wright – Shinseiki Evangerion –
The Future of Bitcoin Conference 2017- Arnhem, the Netherlands June 30th
 18:30 minute Craig talks about Bear and what has happened to him with Core, a GREAT programmer reduced to silence !!!!!



Craig and Ray Dillinger
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