Satoshi NEVER Posted on Bitcointalk

By Craig Wright | 31 Mar 2020 | Alternative Coins & Systems

It is a myth that all the posts on Bitcointalk ( from my account (Satoshi) are in fact mine and have not been edited or changed and that the login on the website belongs to me. Satoshi (I) never used Bitcointalk. My final post, in fact, links to a domain that does not exist.

The images presented are all verifiable early versions of parts that would form the original Bitcoin website. You will not see any of the associated links any more.

As you encounter a link to one of my (supposed) final posts on Bitcointalk, what you see may seem innocuous. To the casual observer, it will look as if it’s a link to a post I made, yet, the supposed author never made it. I can say, in other words, the creator of Bitcoin didn’t make the post, because Satoshi didn’t. You see, the original forum was created as a subsite of the website. It wasn’t a separate domain. It’s not too difficult to check what I’m saying. The Wayback Machine is not perfect, far from it, and it can be gamed, but the first time the Bitcointalk domain was checked happened to be in July 2011 (*/ At the time, the website had not been created yet ( You will notice that the forum looks familiar very shortly afterwards.

What people are failing to understand is that Bitcointalk was only registered in mid-2011:

It’s funny that nobody talks about it; well, I guess it’s not so funny for them. There are plenty of people who remember the original website. Then again, most of the same people don’t want my version of Bitcoin, and think that they can do better. If you do your research properly, you’ll find that had a forum that linked to SourceForge and one on the website that ran within the system. It didn’t run on a separate server outside of It matters as the account on Bitcointalk does not belong to Satoshi.

I had stopped posting long before Bitcointalk was created. The database was taken across in part. A new user signed up on 5th May, 2011, and helped with things. The person behind the new user was called Gregory Maxwell.

Martti and a few others migrated the web pages. But not everything corresponds 100%. You see, when you control the database, you can edit what other people have said. There are a couple of posts that have been changed from the original. The secret of such people lies in making very minor changes, ones they don’t think other people will notice.

I liked a white Bitcoin logo on black. I thought it looked very good. It is a shame I would listen to other people; if I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have left, and the website would not have been taken over. But, who knows how things would have ended?

The migration was done in multiple steps. First came the move from the original subsite:; to a GitHub repository:

It was then moved onto a completely new server:

Then, the server was replicated on Bitcointalk. There is nothing stopping the current administrators of Bitcointalk from posting as satoshi, which would prove nothing, because it isn’t my account and it never was. Satoshi (I) never posted on Bitcointalk.

Robots.txt and other controls allow you to stop certain aspects of the website being archived and to alter what is put onto the Wayback Machine.

If you go back in time, so to speak, you will notice that certain web pages won’t show, such as with:*/;u=3;sa=showPosts; or*/;u=3;sa=showPosts.

The reason is simple: not everyone wanted my version of Bitcoin. Not everything I said remains, and some of it has, subtly, been changed. What I find strange, though, is how few people investigate the truth. Very few seem to want to go further as they go back and find that it is me; I’m not the anarchist they want, nor have I ever been anything like one. You see, I didn’t want WikiLeaks to use Bitcoin because I didn’t like what they stood for.

Bitcoin was never designed to act outside of the law. Although Bitcoin was hijacked, although my domain was taken from me and people decided to try and make my invention into a system that would aid Silk Road and drug trafficking, what we will discover in time is that Bitcoin is an evidence trail. It is the worst possible thing that criminals would want to use.


Satoshi NEVER Posted on Bitcointalk

By Craig Wright | 31 Mar 2020 |

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