Gavin Andresen – Chief Scientist at the Bitcoin Foundation. *

From Reddit (2015 ): I’m Gavin Andresen, Chief Scientist at the Bitcoin Foundation.

I’m 47 years old and live and work in Amherst, Massachusetts with my wife, two kids and assorted pets.

I was born in Melbourne, Australia as “Gavin Bell” but moved to the US when I was five years old. I grew up in Seattle Washington, Anchorage Alaska and the Santa Ynez Valley, California.

After graduating from Princeton University (Computer Science), I worked at Silicon Graphics Computer Systems for eight years, creating 3D graphics software (Open Inventor and VRML).

My wife and I moved to Madison, Wisconsin after she got her PhD from Stanford. There I wrote a book and co-founded a startup that failed. We moved to Amherst in 1998, where I worked on an Internet Walkie-Talkieonline games for blind and sighted people, tools for Prosper lenders, a web site content management system for Gravity Switch, and part of the back-end for a search engine for computer science research literature.

Phew. That long list makes me feel old.

I first heard about Bitcoin in a May, 2010 InfoWorld article, and started working on Bitcoin-related projects soon after. I’m proud of my contributions:

You can read about what I’ve been working on recently at the Foundation blog.

I try not to let Bitcoin completely take over my life; I spend about eleven evenings a year as an elected member of Amherst Town Meeting. And I still have some time to ride my bicycle or unicycle, use my skeptical skills to debunk the crazy things friends post on Facebook, and read a little science fiction.

You can get an idea of topics I find interesting and how I think at my blog.


Gavin Andresen 2010-2014 Lead Maintainer  Early CORE – 24 Members


2010/10/21 Version 0.3.14 is now available Changes: Gavin Andresen:

  • TEST network mode with switch -testnet
  • Option to use SSL for JSON-RPC connections on unix/osx
  • validateaddress RPC command eurekafag:
  • Russian translation

2011/02/18 Making Money- Gavin Andresen @ Ignite Amherst

2011/03/15 EconTalk Interview with Gavin Andresen

2011/04/26 Satoshi’s Final Email to Gavin Andresen.

2011/05/11 Who is Satoshi, the mysterious bitcoin founder? 3 min

2011/05/11 Gavin explains the fundamentals of Bitcoin. 2 min

2011/05/11 The million bitcoin question: Can the system be hacked?

2011/06/16 The Bitcoin Show – Episode 003 by Bruce Wagner


2011/04/27 Gavin will visit the CIA. bitcointalk

2011/06/20 Gavin Andresen brings this PDF to the CIA.

2011/08/20 The Bitcoin Show: Special Bitcoin Conference Coverage: Gavin Andresen

2011/08/22 Gavin Andresen: How I Got Started in Bitcoins

2011/09/15 The Bitcoin Show – Episode 047
Panel Discussion with: Bruce Wagner,
Stefan Thomas of and BitcoinJS,

2012/05/01 Neutralizing a 51% attack. by Gavin Andresen

2013/05/15 Triangulation 103: Gavin Andresen. Triangulation



Documentary: The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin
Año. 2014
Duración. 96 min.
País. Estados Unidos Estados Unidos
Dirección. Nicholas Mross
Reparto. , Gavin Andresen, Brian Armstrong, Margaux Avedisian


2014/03/27 Gavin Andresen, Princeton Bitcoin Conference pt 2

2014/04/08 From mid-2010 until April-2014, Gavin Andresen maintained control of the Bitcoin Core GitHub repository and was considered Bitcoin’s lead developer. On April 8, 2014, Andresen stepped down and van der Laan agreed to take over as Lead Maintainer of the Bitcoin repo. His salary is paid by MIT’s Digital Currency Initiative, where he works on Bitcoin development with Andresen and Cory Fields

2014/04/11 CITP Bitcoin Keynote Gavin Andresen mov

2014/04/12 The Bitcoin PhenomenonBitcoin documentary interviewed many of the leaders in the Bitcoin movement including Gavin Andresen.

2014/05/28 Bitcoin2014 – Annual State of Bitcoin by Gavin Andresen, Chief Scientist of Bitcoin Foundation

2014/05/18 Satoshi Nakamoto Revealed @ #Bitcoin2014

2014/11/06 Bitcoin Foundation’s Chief Scientist Speaks at Isenberg. University of Massachusetts Amherst

2015 Film: The Bitcoin Story
Director Bhu Srinivasan
Reparto Gavin Andresen, Peter Vessenes, C. Bennett Hoffman

2015/01/20 “if we increased the maximum block size to 20 megabytes tomorrow, and every single miner decided to start creating 20MB blocks and there was a sudden increase in the number of transactions on the network to fill up those blocks….”

2015/04/18 CoinScrum: QA with Gavin Andresen and Mike Hearn.


2015/05/04 Time to roll out bigger blocks

2015/05/05 Will a 20MB max increase centralization? “I chose 20MB as a reasonable block size to target because 170 gigabytes per month comfortably fits into the typical 250-300 gigabytes per month data cap– so you can run a full node from home on a “pretty good” broadband plan.”

2015/06/22 BIP: 101 This BIP proposes replacing the fixed one megabyte maximum block size with a maximum size that grows over time at a predictable rate.

2015/08/09 What Lightning Is
“I’d love to see somebody write up a higher-level description of what the
user experience is like…”

2015/08/25 The Looming Problem That Could Kill Bitcoin. MIT Technology Review. by Tom Simonite
The man who took over stewardship of Bitcoin from its mysterious inventor says the currency is in serious trouble. by Tom Simonite

2015/08/31 EB94 – Gavin Andresen: On The Blocksize And Bitcoin’s Governance”

2015/9/1  Dr Adam Back and Gavin Andresen discuss a block size increase. – Gavin Andresen  at 23:00 minute

“In my heart of hearts, I think everything would be just fine if the block limit was completely eliminated. I think actually nothing bad would happen.”


2015/09/03 “We Need a New Way of Governing Bitcoin”.
September 03, 2015 – Posted by Kyl@TorpeyAleey

2015/09/15 “Todavía desaconsejo invertir los ahorros en Bitcoin, aun puede fracasar” – MIT Technology Review

2015/9/16 Coinbase Speaker Series: Gavin Andresen of Bitcoin Foundation


2015/11/09 Panel Discussion-DevCore Draper University 2015
Andreas Antonopoulos, Matt Corallo, Greg Maxwell, Michael Perklin, Gavin Andresen. The Bitcoin Foundation

2016/02/10 Bitcoin Classic 0.11.2 gavin andresen released it

2016/01/13 Bitcoin Classic: el nuevo hard fork presentado por Gavin Andresen. Por Jaime Sandoval

2016/02/27 Gavin Andresen

2016/03/09 Bitcoin Core Dev: Gavin Andresen’s GitHub Privileges Were A “Liability”

2016/03/09 A Gavin Andresen le restringen el acceso al código fuente de Bitcoin Core

2016/03/09 Gavin Andersen: Bitcoin Network Increasingly Unreliable

2016/05/02 Satoshi “I believe Craig Steven Wright is the person who invented Bitcoin”

2016/05/02 Gavin Andresen about Craig Wright as Satoshi Nakamoto.

2016/05/02 Gavin explains the Craig controversy at Consensus 2016

2016/05/02 Gavin Andresen GitHub Commit Access Revoked. JP Buntinx

2016/05/02 Gavin Andresen: I Was Not Hacked, and I Believe Craig Wright Is Satoshi. Gizmodo

2016/05/06 Dazed and confused, but trying to continue
“…Gavin various times to give up his privileges with the github project..”
Wladimir J. van der Laan  – laanwj

2016/05/25 Bitcoin Protocol Role Models. Gavin Andresen´s Blog

2016/06/30 “…Andresen crossed the Atlantic overnight, arriving at the Covent Garden Hotel at 11 a.m. on 7 April. He went to his room – which had been booked, as had his flight, by nCrypt …” Pag. 37 The Satoshi afaire. Andrew O’Hagan

2016/09/28 Andresen: Ethereum Won’t Replace Bitcoin, But it’s More Decentralized. by Jon Southurst

2016/11/16 Either/or : ignore!
Now that six months have gone past, I’m being asked if I still think Craig Wright was Satoshi.

2017/03/2 Gavin Andresen: “Run Bitcoin Unlimited” To Solve “Destructive Congestion”. Cointelegraph

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2017/05/03 Former Bitcoin Core’s Gavin Andresen Hits Blockstream, Labels Greg Maxwell and Samson Mow

2017/05/19 Where is Gavin Andresen? The Quiet Exile of Bitcoin’s Former Face. By Bailey Reutzel

2017/05/26 An Interview with Gavin Andresen Part 1Eli Afram. CoinGeek

2017/08/16 Lightning Network Will Be Highly Centralized: Gavin Andresen

2017/11/11 The post Gavin Andresen Drops Bombshell: Bitcoin Cash is the Real BTC on Bitsonline .

2018/02/14 Not as rich as you think…

2018/03/04 Gavin Andresen about Bitcoin



2019/01/02 Bitcoin | The Hostile TakeoverPhilosophy Workout – Johannes Thiesen

2019/08/2 “Roger Ver: La verdadera historia de cómo Bitcoin-BTC mutó en lo que es hoy”


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