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Who was Prof. David Rees?

David Rees
David Rees

David Rees

David Rees  (29 May 1918 – 16 August 2013) was a professor of pure mathematics at the University of Exeter, having been head of the Mathematics / Mathematical Sciences Department at Exeter for many years. During the Second World War, Rees was active on Enigma research in Hut 6 at Bletchley Park.

Rees was born in Abergavenny. He won a scholarship to Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge. At some stage, his university career took a backseat as he was drafted into Hut 6Bletchley Park for the war effort.

…At the behest of Douglas Northcott he switched his research focus to commutative algebra.[8] In 1954, in a joint paper with Northcott, Rees introduced the Northcott-Rees theory of reductions and integral closures, which has subsequently been influential in commutative algebra.[9] In 1956 he introduced the Rees decomposition of a commutative algebra. Before 1960, Rees and his family moved to the University of Exeter, where their fourth child was born. Before 1971, Rees was appointed head of the Mathematics Department at the University of Exeter.[citation needed]

Bletchley Park
Bletchley Park


Awards and honours

In 1993 Rees was awarded the Pólya Prize by the London Mathematical Society. In August 1998 a conference on Commutative Algebra was held at Exeter in honour of David Rees’ 80th Year. He was an Honorary Fellow of Downing College, Cambridge. He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society (FRS) in 1968.

Isaac Newton 1672
Benjamin Franklin 1756
Albert Einstein 1921
Alan M Turing 1951
Kurt Gödel 1968
David Rees 1968

The Imitation Game/El código Enigma (2014) Alan Turing

LMS: 113 Asymptotic Theory, Ideals (London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series)

According to Craig Steven Wright, Rees was the third part of the Satoshi team that created Bitcoin.

Edwards, James (27 April 2019). “Dr. Craig Wright explains the origins of Bitcoin – Full interview |”finder US. Retrieved 27 August 2019.


Page. 18
Satoshi’s Vision: The Art of Bitcoin. By Craig Wright
August 2019


Min:40:49  David Rees (mathematician)and mining specialization

“Who created Bitcoin?
Craig Wright reveals alleged contributors for the first time |
Full Interview” 1h38 Crypto Finder
27 abr. 2019

2020 06 15 – Attach 2 (22/84 Pag) DEPOSITION OF DONALD JOSEPH LYNAM


LYNAM, RONALD ANDREW  Craig´s grandfather


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Prof. David Rees


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