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The Return to Genesis

Genesis block
Genesis block

The Return to Genesis.

The Return to Genesis

BSV Genesis address & block

The Return to Genesis – From @cryptoAcorns Perspective

5 feb. 2020 Joshua Henslee


P2SH – Pay to Script Hash

nLockTime Transactions


Metanet ICU Slack…………

nLockTime articles by Craig Wright: Locked transactions for planning…

Why CLTV (CheckLockTimeVerify) was a bad idea:…

nSequence and P2P exchange…

 Genesis block

Genesis – Protocol Upgrade

Bitcoin SV (Satoshi Vision) is the original Bitcoin. This Github repository provides open-source software

2019 04 12  The Genesis of GenesisCraig Wright 

2019 12 20 Bitcoin SV Genesis hard fork specification

2019 12 21 Steve Shadders on the Definition of Consensus Rules for Bitcoin. Money Button.

2019 12 23 Bitcoin SV – Blocking potential P2SH replay attack after Genesis hard fork

2019 12 24 Is someone going to steal Greg Maxwell’s BSV?Kurt Wuckert Jr

2020 01 03 Bitcoin Genesis Block constructed 11 years ago today. Jon Southurst

2020 01 09 Genesis specification finalized

2020 01 10 Genesis is locked and loadedShadders

2020 01 15 Genesis – 1.0.0 Stable Release

2020 01 24 Daniel Connolly: The exciting possibilities for Bitcoin SV after Genesis. Charles Miller

2020 01 28 Return to Genesis with nChain CTO Steve Shadders – CoinGeek

2020 02 03 Regreso al Génesis: Bitcoin recupera su protocolo original – IGOR DOMSAC

2020 02 04 Genesis Activated: In the beginning, thank-yous for Satoshi – CoinGeek

2020 02 05  BSV, o la vuelta al protocolo original de Bitcoin con GénesisObservatorio Blockchain

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¿Por qué BSV?

Gane y use BSV

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