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Maybe you would like to have a full list of Craig Wright public videos in chronological order, here you are!!!!

Any idea or suggestion is welcome!!!


13 jun. 2014  Interview: Bernard von NotHaus
Interview is published with Bernard von Nothaus where he says a mutual friend tells him Satoshi Nakamoto was a fan (2005)

Watch the entire documentary here: Rare Interview with Visionary Bernhard von Nothaus. The Monetary Architect of the Liberty Dollar was charged and found guilty of federal crimes for “making, possessing, and selling his own currency”. 5 tons of gold and silver were seized by the FBI. Bernhard speaks passionately about central banking, money monopolies, and inflation.


29/04/2013  VIDEOCraig Wright tribute video to friend Dave Kleiman (some say this pair is “Satoshi”). RIP (1967-2013)”


  03/06/2014 VIDEO Interview with Craig Wright on code war. Martin B.New

Craig Wright, the researcher at Charles Sturt University also joined CCTV’s discussion on this topic.

10/07/2014 AUDIO Radio Interview back when  CSW worked for Hotwire PE.

01/09/2014 BUSINESS CEO DeMorgan Limited. DeMorgan is a pre-IPO Australian listed company focused on alternative currency. September 2014 – Present (2015) Craig Wright interview. The Bitcoin Dale Dickins

01/09/2014 Craig Wright interview -12:51  Dale Dickins
“During the making of this documentary Dale interviewed Craig Wright, his content *was* going to be narrative for the final episode. The world Craig describes gives a taste of why this technology exists, its peer to peer nature enables people to opt for the differences in their unique lifestyles. When Wired and Gizmodo announced him as Satoshi Nakamoto, plans changed and we decided on releasing his full interview to let people decide for themselves”.

01/09/2014  Craig Wright interview (part 2) 11:19  Dale Dickins

01/09/2014  Craig Wright interview. (part 3) 10:41  Dale Dickins



2014 VIDEO Craig Wright discusses what Bitcoin IS at Australian Federal and National police Sydney’s Dale Dickins

A table of Australian Federal and National police attended this conference, which caused a few people to shift awkwardly in their seats as Craig Wright talked about transporting items of significant value through airports.

Dr Craig Wright Sydney Conference 2014The Bitcoin Doco – Vimeo

Tristan Winters, Craig Wright aka Satoshi Nakamoto, Johnathon Levin of a representative for CoinPip speak about the Chinese bitcoin market, tracing bitcoins and how (some) Chinese companies think for bypassing strong regulation.

This conference was particularly interesting, people employed by Australia’s police force attended to find out more how cryptocurrencies work. Their presence made for an interesting space given the topic of conversation, unfortunately all the police people approached declined my invitation to be interviewed.

This section is from day 1 of the 2 day conference held in Sydney July 2014, the CoinPip representative (apologies didn’t grab your name) came a little late to the panel to join Tristan, Craig and Johnathan.



2015 (45 Years old)


18/06/2015 .VIDEO Lecture 1: Free Short Course: Programming on Supercomputers

23/06/2015 .VIDEO Lecture 2: Free Short Course: Programming on Supercomputers

01/07/2015 .VIDEO Lecture 3: Free Short Course: Programming on Supercomputers

08/07/2015 .VIDEO Lecture 4: Free Short Course: Programming on Supercomputers

15/07/2015 .VIDEO Lecture 5: Free Short Course: Programming on Supercomputers

20/07/2015 NEWS Free course in supercomputing at Charles Sturt. Dr Craig Wright, founder and CEO of Cloudcroft‘s parent company, the De Morgan Group – Cloudcroft is De Morgan’s supercomputing arm and has two supercomputers that are currently rated in the world’s top 500 supercomputers.


29/10/2015 VIDEO  Is Dr. Craig Wright (Satoshi Nakamoto), inventor of Bitcoin? Nick Szabo London UK Las Vegas, NV Oct. 29 – 30, 2015

All-Star Panel: Ed Moy, Joseph VaughnPerling, Trace Mayer, Nick Szabo, Dr. Craig Wright


08/12/2015 VIDEO Gizmodo Alleged Inventors of Bitcoin Uncovered 08/12/2015 NEWS wired – Is Bitcoin’s Creator this Unknown Australian Genius? Probably Not (Updated)    Andy Greenberg AND GWERN BRANWEN



9/12/2015 NEWS  The Australian who may have invented Bitcoin claimed to land $54M in taxpayer-funded rebates. Business Insider Australia

9/12/2015 NEWS Ian Grigg. Craig’s Australian Residence is raided by the ATO.  


10/12/2015 NEWS Home of reported ‘Bitcoin founder’ Craig Wright raided by police



02/05/2016 VIDEO BBC News Mr Bitcoin: “I don’t want money, I don’t want fame!”


02/06/2016 NEWS El australiano Craig Wright se identifica como el padre del bitcoin – economy – euronews (en español) 1 minuto


02/06/2016 BBC NEWS  Dr Craig Wright and Bitcoin CryptoCurrency | Is Dr Wright Satoshi Nakamoto? Michael Parsons answers –

02/06/2016 NEWS Gavin Andresen about Craig Wright as Satoshi Nakamoto – SciNews -2 minutes

02/06/2016 NEWS   Gavin Andresen says Craig Wright is Satoshi NakamotoRoger Ver -1 minute

30/06/2016 Andrew O’Hagan piece The Satoshi Affair:  

09/08/2016 VIDEO GQ interview – Is Craig Wright the bitcoin genius? – CCCP


08/02/2017 _ Computing and Mathematics › Doctoral Thesis- Charles Sturt University


13/06/2017 _Craig Wright | iGaming Super Show July 13, 2017 Amsterdam. Andy Rowe III – 26 minuts


22/06/2017 _ CSW Presentation at Tokyo (1/2) Tetsuyuki Oishi – 27 minuts

28 06 2016 Andrew O’Hagan: why Craig Wright’s Satoshi Nakamoto proof failed

30/06/2017  SUPERVIDEO Jon Matonis & Craig Wright -The Future of Bitcoin Conference 2017- Arnhem, the Netherlands





2017 11 20 Dr. Craig Wright – A Wheelbarrow of Academic Degrees & CertificatesnChain – Publicado el 30 nov. 2017 – 4 minutos


Craig S. Wright academic (1988-2012) (Open list) (0 submissions)

13 09 2017 What is true Bitcoin and its future potential ? Dr. Craig Wright – ESILV – 41 minutes

26 09 2017  – Threshold (Signature) of Greatness – Dr. Craig Wright – Hong Kong 2017 – nChain – 29 Minutes

26 09 2017  – The Future of Bitcoin Cash roundtable – Hong Kong 2017 – Bitkan’s Blockchain Global Summit
nChain- 23 minutes

14 11 2017  –  Craig Wright on the basics. How does Bitcoin work? Global Triathlon Network – 6 minuts

14 11 2017  – How is Block chain technology secure from hacking with Bok Khoo and Craig Wright
Global Triathlon Network – 4 minutes

30/11/2017 SUPERVIDEO Dr. Craig Wright: Hording, equity, and the end of debit and credit. Bitcoin Meetup Switzerland 2017 1h12 Minutes nChain

01/ 12/2017 Dr. Craig Wright – Why Patenting Creates Value – 3 min. nChain
nChain Chief Scientist Dr. Craig Wright discusses the value of patents – including for blockchain technology. As he explains, protecting the value of our thoughts and ideas is the heart of capitalism and helps make a stronger society.


04/12/2017  The Vin Armani Show – Dr. Craig S. Wright (12/4/2017) – Vin Armani – 1h56 minutos

30/12/2017 Satoshi Nakamoto Interview: The future of Bitcoin Cash. CellPhonecurrentyear – 2h23 minutos



07 01 2018 BWC – Interview with Dr. Craig S. Wright on Bitcoin Cash, 2018 Predictions & Bitcoin’s True Purpose
Bitcoin Will Come – 1h14

In our first formal interview for Bitcoin Will Come, we sit down with Craig S. Wright, Chief Scientist for nChain, lifetime learner and academic, and a well-known supporter of Bitcoin Cash.

09 01 2018  Proof of Stake and BCH use casesBitcoin Cash University – 8 minutos

16 01 2018  The Crypto Show – Craig Wright – 2h

27 01 2018 Intellectual Property Debate – Stephan Kinsella vs. Dr. Craig Wright – Vin Armani. 1 hora

15 02 2018 “Q&A with Craig S. Wright – Sydney Bitcoin Cash Meetup (15.2.2018)” 55 Minutos  Bitcoin Will Come

13 03 2018  A Bitcoin Cash World – Dr. Craig Wright and Jimmy Nguyen. nChain – 43 minutos

25 03 2018 Craig Wright satoshi’s vision conference 2018-03-25

25 03 2018  Bitcoin Network Topology: Small World vs Mesh

03 04 2018 “Dr. Craig Wright exposes Blockstream false narrative” 26 minutos

04 04 2018  Interview with Craig Wright | – Satoshi’s Vision Conference, Tokyo 2018– 13 min- – 

04 04 2018 Dr. Craig Wright: With Bitcoin, the power is within – 50 min. CoinGeek

17 04 2018 Tokenization on the Bitcoin Cash Chain – Craig Wright @ TOKEN2049

20 04 2018 Is Craig Wright Satoshi? No! – Peter McCormack

09 05 2018 Dr Craig S Wright – nChain at University of Exeter – The Future of Bitcoin (Cash)  21 Minutos

09 05 2018  “Panel Discussion with Craig Wright and Jimmy Nguyen – The Future of Bitcoin (Cash)”  54 Minutos
University of Exeter

10 05 2018  TAS2018: Founder of Bitcoin? Craig Wright, CTO, nChain Group

11 05 2018 nChain’s Craig Wright talks about future of Bitcoin” 

11 05 2018  Dr. Craig Wright: The more you attack the Bitcoin network, the more profitable it becomes”
CoinGeek – 4 minutos

07 08 2018 Another Conversation with Dr. Craig S Wright – 08/07/2018 – 1h12  Bitcoin and Beyond

29 08 2018   Interview with Dr Craig Wright – August 2018 – Reina Nakamoto

30 08 2018 Dr. Craig S Wright Interview: Bangkok Miners Summit 2018 – 18 min

(September, 2018)  Dr. Craig Wright explains why the Bitcoin SV script is in fact Turing Complete 

14 10 2018  Bitcoin Cash: The leading Blockchain for New Commerce & Technology – Dr. Craig S. Wright 37 min. nChain

18/10/2018  Dr. Craig Wright and Michael Hudson Discuss the Hidden Maths of Bitcoin – Bitstocks Podcast Ep. 2 – Bitstocks Media 1h40

08 11 2018 Back to the Future of Bitcoin: Why Miners Should Support Satoshi Vision – 37 min. nChain

12 11 2018 “Dr. Craig S Wright on the origins of Bitcoin and the upcoming BCH/SV vs BCH/ABC fork.” – 26:47 The Crypto Show

“Just days away from the BCH fork we talk with Dr. Craig S Wright about his thoughts on the fork and what he plans to do to maintain control. Craig also shares his thoughts on Bitcoin core, Lightning Networks and the origins of Bitcoin. Daniel Krawisz co-founder of Nakamoto Institute also sit’s in for commentary and his take on the POSM algorithm coined by Dr. Wright”.

23/11/2018  Craig Wright crashed my live stream | Surprise Interview. – 36 min. Decentralized Thought

28 11 2018   Live From CoinGeek Week Day 1 with Dr Craig WrightBitcoin and Beyond

01 12 2018  Dr. Craig Wright unveils game-changing Bitcoin project—Metanet 


04 12 2018  Genesis of a New Century (Craig Wright Bitcoin Documentary) – 瑋曾哲 – 1h05

12 12 2018  Craig Wright exclusive interview – Explains Metanet, Bitcoin SV, nChain & more. 1h34

20 12 2018    “Dr. Craig Wright Interview | Bitcoin For The Real World | Future of Crypto” 


11 01 2019  Bitcoin SV with Craig Wright – Satoshi’s Vision – The Art of Bitcoin. 1h40 Paul Democritou

04/02/2019  Japan Blockchain Conference: Dr. Craig Wright wants to do one thing—give solutions to businesses

05/02/2019 VIDEO The Craig Wright Timeline. Bitcoin and Beyond

20/02/2019 _ PODCAST  Is Craig Wright the Real Satoshi?  the bad crypto podcast  

19/03/2019 Yet Another Conversation with Dr. Craig S Wright: Banned from Twitter, Law, and Future of Bitcoin

20/03/2019 Dr. Craig Wright presents work on decentralized autonomous corporations at ICICT 2019 – 12 Min.  – (DACs)

04/04/2019 _ VIDEO INTERVIEW Craig Wright: Bitcoin is not a cryptocurrency

(Min. 40) “Bitcoin with a stable protocol takes away power. If no one can change the protocol – not me, not God – there’s no power in money. Money is all about power… and Bitcoin will remove that power globally.”

16/04/2019  Dr. Craig Wright: An evidentiary framework using Bitcoin that constitutes a signed written agreement – 16 min.  Oxford University

16/04/2019   Dr. Craig Wright: An evidentiary framework using Bitcoin and Smart Contracts – 11 min. Oxford University

22/04/2019  Dr. Craig Wright: A Proof of Turing completeness in Bitcoin script

24/04/2019  Dr. Craig Wright: Personal Device Security Using Elliptic Curve Cryptography for Secret Sharing.
CoinGeek -12 min – Brunel University in London

27/04/2019 _ Who created Bitcoin? Craig Wright reveals alleged contributors for the first time | Full Interview

0:40 Background 2:41 Ending the manipulation of the financial system 4:35 Bucketshops (aka Exchanges) 6:40 Illegal Market Manipulation 10:30 Why did Craig create bitcoin? 14:05 Wikileaks 14:49 Patent discussion 17:35 3m Tx/second 19:45 Block orphans 23:20 How to join as a miner? 26:33 A misnomer about bitcoins double hash and mining specialization 29:50 Thoughts behind designing bitcoin 40:49 David Rees (mathematician) 44:30 How Hal Finney & Ray Dillinger helped 51:35 Was Satoshi Nakamoto a group? 52:48 Craig “driven into the limelight” 58:32 Andrew O’Hagan (“The Satoshi Affair”) 1:01:30 Julian Assange 1:02:17 Silk Road 1:04:20 The Singularity 1:05:30 Dread Pirate Roberts (Key Ownership) 1:08:55 Lawsuits (binance etc and money laundering) 1:13:33 Craigs involvement in Churches and being a Pastor 1:16:20 Bitcoin Whitepaper creation 1:17:56 Phil Wilson 1:20:28 “How do you stay so grounded?” and Craigs advice on money 1:25:10 Private law agreements and what blockchain is 1:29:15 “What does bitcoin need to do to become a medium of exchange?” 1:33:49 “What’s the one thing you wish people understood differently about you?” 1:35:40 Craig on the value of bitcoin

11/05/2019 _Reina Nakamoto Interviews Craig Wright, – STREMANITY – “We talk about:
Bitcoin’s design,

– The Genesis block,

– Game theory and the Stackelberg game,

– Double hash for content delivery and distributing functions,

Bitcoin as a derivative,

19/05/2019  Yet Another Conversation with Dr. Craig S Wright: Banned from Twitter, Law, and Future of BitcoinBitcoin and Beyond

30/05/2019 _ Dr. Craig Wright at the CoinGeek Toronto Scaling Conference 

30/05/2019 _ “Dr Craig S Wright interview by Marianne Jett  – Coingeek Conference Toronto. 

Are you Satoshi Nakamoto?
His copyrights & MIT open license In-Script Looping



03/06/2019 _ From the Bygone Days of Yore — Part 1 first day of Deconomy in Seoul, Korea.

03/06/2019 _ Dr. Craig Wright explains the origins of Bitcoin – Full interview

03/06/2019 _ VIDEO Dr. Craig Wright explains the origins of Bitcoin

03/06/2019 _Is CZ Going To Jail? Interview with Craig Wright at the Coingeek Conference – Toronto, Canada – 13 Min. Black Swan Finances

08/06/2019 _ Dr Craig Wright & Jimmy Nguyen | Bitcoin and Blockchain | Oxford Union

18/06/2019 _ Dr. Craig Wright: The Return of OP_Return

  21/06/2019 – Dr. Craig S. Wright recognized as Satoshi Nakamoto by Council of Bogota Craig is Satoshi


 23/06/2019 –  Charla de Craig a partir del minuto 1h30 desde Bogotá, Colombia. Emitido en directo 

26/06/2019 –Dr. Craig Wright on being recognized as Satoshi Nakamoto in Colombia

27/06/2019 –Dr. Craig Wright brings his vision of freedom to Expo-Bitcoin International 2019

11/07/2019  what they don’t want you to see about Craig Wright and BitCoin (BSV, Satoshi Vision)

21/07/2019 – Imagine a Bitcoin World | Craig Steven Wright

25/07/2019  Catching up with Satoshi Nakamoto (Dr. Craig S Wright)Bitcoin and Beyond

26/07/2019 Craig Wright: If you want a better future with Bitcoin, build it (MetaNetTV Livestream July 2019)

“Great chat with Dr. Craig S. Wright, chief scientist at nChain and… inventor of Bitcoin. Hear about his plans for all that BTC & BCH, how Bitcoin will work with government and business, and how the future will only be good if we build it that way”. Bitcoin SV Train / MetanetTV Livestream

27/07/2019  BSV Singapore Meetup ft. Craig Wright & Brendan Lee

10/08/2019  Podcast InterviewDr Craig Wright / Satoshi Nakamoto on Bitcoin, Economics

15/08/2019 _Craig Wright Defends Claim He Created Bitcoin 

BOOK -25/08/2019 Satoshi’s Vision: The Art of Bitcoin  _ 155 Pages

30/08/2019 MetaNetTV Livestream August 2019 – Dr. Craig S. Wright”

10/09/2019  Dr. Craig Wright unveils game-changing Bitcoin project—Metanet – 26 Min. CoinGeek

19/09/2019 “Craig Wright Interview – The inventor of Bitcoin? What is happening at Bitcoin SV?”

25/09/2019 Economics… And More! With Steve Keen and Craig Wright

01/10/2019  Day 1: CoinGeek Seoul Conference 2019 live stream. CoinGeek

“Join the biggest names in the BitcoinSV community as Craig Wright (aka Satoshi Nakamoto), Jimmy Nguyen, Steve Shadders and more deliver fascinating insight into the goings-on in the world of BSV.”

03/10/2019  Craig Wright fireside chat at CoinGeek Seoul reveals more of Satoshi’s chronicles

03/10/2019   Craig Wright shares how Bitcoin can change the world at CoinGeek Seoul. 13 Min. CoinGeek


07/10/2019    “Payments & Privacy: New Inventions for Bitcoin SV” 20 Min. CoinGeek

16/10/2019 Craig Wright and crypto sceptic Nouriel Roubini find common ground. CoinGeek – 45 Min.

17/10/2019 “Craig Wright on nChain patents, pumpkin farming disaster at CC Forum”

17/10/2019  Craig Wright CC Forum duel ends in shouting and pumpkins” 

17/10/2019  The Bitcoin Vision by Dr. Craig Wright”
In his presentation, nChain Chief Scientist Dr. Craig Wright shared with the members of the Metanet Society of University of Cambridge his motivations and debunked some myths related to Bitcoin. The presentation was made at the University of Cambridge in UK last October 17, 2019.

18/10/2019 Craig Wright CC Forum duel ends in shouting and pumpkins| CC Forum London (2019) 27 Min.

21/10/2019  To SPV or not to SPV? That is the Bitcoin question

28/10/2019  Craig Wright or Satoshi Nakamoto | nChain | CC Forum London (2019) 18 Min.

07/11/2019   “Day 2 | AIBC Summit Nov 2019″ Min 8h55

08/11/2019 “Craig Wright Keynote Speech at Malta AIBC Summit Nov 2019″


Scalability and financial stability go hand in hand with Satoshi’s vision. Craig Wright – Chief Scientist at nChain, Director – Tokenized, shares his thoughts on how bitcoin’s original design, creates honest commerce.”

17/11/2019  Craig Wright tells Richard Heart he is Satoshi, wrote the Bitcoin whitepaper 

19/11/2019  Celebrating Bitcoin’s Independence with Dr. Craig S Wright.

21/11/2019  Economics, Science and Higher Learning: Craig Wright & Jack Rogers. Streamanity

27/11/2019 Fireside Chat with Dr. Craig S. Wright at BSV: Bitcoin for Business (Tokyo, Japan)

29/11/2019  “Big announcement and chatting to CRAIG WRIGHT about BITCOIN”

29/11/2019  “I Chased Craig Wright 2 Canada 4 an Interview:  Bitcoin, Satoshi & Crypto Community” 25 Min.

06/12/2019    “Bitcoin SV Interview hosted by Tom Lee

06/12/2019  SiGMA 2019 Fireside Chat: The Future of iGaming and BlockchainBitcoin Association

8/12/2019  “Craig Wright Fireside Chat in China: ‘We don’t want machines dictating our lives’

                        Min. 34.  Sección 3 del WP,  Time stamp server.

                                         Sección 8 del WP,  Proof of work

                          Min. 39 Sección 5 del WP Networks (and Nodes)

                         Min. 42 Sección 8 del WP,  SPV + Halving

                         Min. 46 Sección 10 del WP,  Privacy

8/12/2019  Dr. Craig Wright unveils game-changing Bitcoin project—Metanet” 


9/12/2019   “Mru Patel interview with Craig Wright part 1”

9/12/2019   Mru Patel interview with Craig Wright part 2″

14/12/2019     Craig Wright: BTC is not Bitcoin!!!


25 12 2019  Craig Wright BSV : Satoshi Nakamoto Vision, Bitcoin evolution & original cypherpunks (The O.Cs)

26 12 2019  “Hashing and History of Peer Systems” 


01/01/2020 VIDEOBitcoin problems – Bitcoin Gambling – Craig Wright | SiGMA”

06/01/2020 VIDEO Dr. Craig Wright; On the road to Genisis.

08/01/2020 VIDEO published “The Bitcoin Vision by Dr. Craig Wright”  (2019 Oct 17)  

08/01/2020 PODCAST published The Real Man Behind The “Fake Satoshi”

12/01/2020 Dr. Craig Wright on why Bitcoin is “honest money” 


23/01/2020 VIDEO Interview Will Bitcoin SV Creator Acquire $8 Billion Bitcoin Fortune? | Interview With Craig Wright. Cointelegraph – 28 Min

La polémica entrevista al Dr. Craig Wright.

23/01/2020 VIDEO Interview  Craig Wright Conversation & Comments. Streamanity 

24/01/2020 VIDEO Interview Connolly: The exciting possibilities for BSV after Genesis CoinGeek Conversations – 24 Min

25/01/2020 VIDEO InterviewThe BEST Craig Wright Interview on Bitcoin SV | Bitcoins future | ICO Scams!” New Kids On The Blockchain– 34 Min

25/01/2020 VIDEO Interview CSW Conversation & Comments. Streamanity – 34 Min

25/01/2020 Open Source. Craig Wright

28/01/2020 VIDEO Interview  CSW On Missing Keys, BSV, Pump Conspiracies and End of BTC. BLOCKTV

31/01/2020  VIDEO Interview BSV China: T- Edge Panel with Dr. Craig S. Wright

05/02/2020 VIDEO InterviewAUSSIE MAN BAD” Interview with Dr. Craig S. Wright. CJ TV – Streamanity

10/02/2020 VIDEO  TALKBSV China: Build Everything with the Original Bitcoin with Dr. Craig Wright” 

11/02/2020 VIDEO Interview AUSSIE MAN BAD” Exclusive Interview with Dr. Craig S. Wright a.k.a. Satoshi Nakamoto – 1h40  CJ TV 

14/02/2020  Metanet and Overlay Networks: Building a Better Internet with BitcoinBitcoin Association

18/02/2020 Live from the st Giles Hotel London – Coingeek

20/02/2020 VIDEO Interview   Dr Craig Wrights Advice for Building on Bitcoin SV

21/02/2020 VIDEO Interview Jimmy Wales: I’m not against Bitcoin, but it’s not useful to Wikipedia right now” 

21/02/2020 VIDEO TALK: Craig Wright on Metanet, Coingeek London” 

21/02/2020 VIDEO TALK: Dr. Craig Wright discusses Satoshi’s Vision, Bitcoin at CoinGeek London”  44 min.

23/02/2020 VIDEO   Satoshi Nakamoto The New Dawn

25/02/2020 VIDEO    Craig S. Wright @ COINGEEK 2020 London

02/03/2020 VIDEO    “Dr. Craig Wright on how a single ledger can ‘radically change’ healthcare industry” 

09/03/2020 VIDEO    CoinGeek London 2020: Watch the fireside chat with Craig Wright and George Gilder

09/03/2020 VIDEO George Gilder and Craig Wright fireside chat at CoinGeek London 2020 CoinGeek – 44 min.

13/03/2020  VIDEO Bitcoin SV: The Blockchain for Business in Slovenia recap

14/04/2020  VIDEO Metanet and Overlay Networks: Building a Better Internet with Bitcoin. Bitcoin Association

                          30 min. in Ljubljana, Slovenia last 3 March 2020.

04/05/2020  VIDEO San Francisco + London 2: Craig Wright Interview with Ryan X. Charles

11/05/2020  VIDEO Bitcoin SV: The Blockchain for Business Panel Discussion

13/05/2020  VIDEO Life’s Tough but Crypto shouldn’t be – with Craig Wright – 1h Periscope 

13/05/2020  VIDEO Craig Wright to Bitcoin entrepreneurs: Find problems that actually need solving. min 25 Do you have an ideology?

13/05/2020  VIDEO  Craig Wright to Bitcoin entrepreneurs: Find problems that actually need solving – CoinGeek – Cambrian SV in Lisbon in February 2020 – 33 min.

20/05/2020  VIDEO  1º- REIMAGINE 2020Craig S. Wright, with Patrick McLain “so all of that’s going to come out, that I won’t say any of it yet, not too many weeks more!!!”

21/05/2020  VIDEO Life’s Tough but Crypto shouldn’t be – with Craig Wright (part 2)

03/06/2020  VIDEO  2º- REIMAGINE 2020Craig S. Wright – World Riots, Hard Work, with Patrick McLain

05/06/2020  PODCAST EP10 – Bitcoin, Taking The Long Road & Education with Dr. Craig Wright

10/06/2020  VIDEO   Craig Wright: Bitcoin como sistema de seguridad Min: 46:16  “I’m the issuer, with all legal requirements that means”        

18/06/2020  Podcast EP10 – Bitcoin, Taking The Long Road & Education with Dr. Craig Wright. Faiā

14/07/2020  Bitcoin will never go over $100,000 – Craig Wright

16/07/2020  Bitcoin’s Most Hated Man – Craig Wright

18/07/2020    Bitcoin SV DevCon 2020 Day 1

30/07/2020   Q&A with Craig S. Wright – 40 min.”Hello Metanet!”-Workshop (Berlin, 10.-11.7.2020) B2029 Videothek 

06/08/2020   “Bitcoin SV DevCon 2020: Fireside Chat with Dr. Craig Wright” 


1. Introduction Theory of Bitcoin — Dr. Craig S. Wright & Ryan X. Charles

2. Networks — Theory of Bitcoin – Dr. Craig S. Wright & Ryan X. Charles
Bitcoin is a biologically inspired network. Similar to a Mandala network, the center are miners
30 jun. 2020

3. Introduction to Law – Theory of Bitcoin — Dr. Craig S. Wright & Ryan X. Charles
7 jul. 2020

4. Legal Aspects of Bitcoin – Theory of Bitcoin — Dr. Craig S. Wright & Ryan X. Charles
14 jul. 2020

5. Script, Computation, & Turing Completeness – Theory of Bitcoin — Craig Wright & Ryan X. Charles
21 jul. 2020

6. Economics, Information, Religion, Work, and Goggins – Theory of Bitcoin — CSW & RXC
28 jul. 2020

7. Computer Security, Game Theory, and Personal Responsibility – Theory of Bitcoin — CSW & RXC
4 ago. 2020

8. The History of Bitcoin – Theory of Bitcoin — Dr. Craig S. Wright & Ryan X. Charles
11 ago. 2020

9. The Future of Bitcoin — Theory of Bitcoin – Dr. Craig S. Wright & Ryan X. Charles

18 ago. 2020

10. The End and a New Beginning – Theory of Bitcoin – Dr. Craig S. Wright & Ryan X. Charles

25 ago. 2020


26 08 2020  Top Picks | Dr. Craig Wright: CoinGeek Conversations – CoinGeek

31 08 2020 “REIMAGINE 2020 –N*3 – Craig Wright – nChain” –  1h26 min. Patrick McLain

01/09/2020 – 1. Introduction to the Information Theory of Bitcoin – Bit – Dr. Craig Wright & Ryan X. C”
07/09/2020 – 2. The Global Spreadsheet, Information Theory, and Law – Bit – Dr. Craig W & Ryan 
15/09/2020 – 3. The Principles of Bitcoin – Bit – Dr. Craig S. Wright & Ryan X. Charles
22/09/2020 – 4. What is Bitcoin? – Bit – Dr. Craig S. Wright & Ryan X. Charles
29/09/2020 – 5. Information, Money Button Acquisition, Education, Tokens – Bit – CSW & RXC

12/10/2020   Dr. Craig S. Wright, Dotwallet Exclusive Interview and live Q&A. DotWallet China
25/10/2020   Dr. Craig S. Wright, Dotwallet Exclusive Interview, live Q&A DotWallet China

15/10/2020 Bitcoin is bound under contract – Craig Wright
19/10/2020 – 1. Title, Author, Abstract – The Bitcoin White Paper

19/10/2020  Dr. Craig Wright: How One World Blockchain Powers a New Future for Computing
25/10/2020  Craig Wright, Bitcoin Data Protection Laws & more
26/10/2020 – 2. The First Paragraph – The Bitcoin White Paper – Dr. Craig  Wright & Ryan X. Charles
30/10/2020  From the Internet to Bitcoin: The Digital Ledger to Advance the World’s Tec Infrastructur
30/10/2020  The Importance of Bitcoin as a Timestamp Serve
01/11/2020   Craig Wright Interview – Bitcoin & Moral Reasons
02/11/2020 – 3. The Second Paragraph – The Bitcoin White Paper – Dr. Craig Wright & Ryan Charles
02/11/2020   From the Internet to Bitcoin: The Digital Ledger to Advance the World’s Technology Inf
02/11/2020  REIMAGINE 2020 -N*4 – Craig Wright – Government Actions & Political Power of Enterp
07/11/2020  BLOCKCHAIN BC3 Presentation Bitcoin SV The Blockchain to Empower Global Trade 
09/11/2020 – 4. The Second Section: Transactions – The Bitcoin White Paper – CSW & RXC
16/11/2020 – 5. The Third Section: Timestamp Server – The Bitcoin White Paper – CSW & RXC
23/11/2020 – 6. Proof of Work and the Network – The Bitcoin White Paper – CSW & RXC
30/11/2020 – 7. Section Six: Incentive – The Bitcoin White Paper – CSW & RXC
03/12/2020   Dr Craig Wright Interview – BSV Beaver Builders Festival Night
07/12/2020 – 8. Reclaiming Disk Space and Simplified Payment Verification (SPV) – CSW & RXC
14/12/2020 – 9. Combining and Splitting Value and Privacy – CSW & RXC





Craig Seteven Wright academic (1992-2012) – Craig Linkedin profile

Craig Wright´s Telegram Channels:

1 Craig Wright – oʇoɯɐʞɐN ᴉɥsoʇɐS? – 179 Members
2 Craig Wright & The Satoshi affaire. Chat
3 Craig Wright Academic  – 79 Members
4 Craig Wright Articles – 104 Members
5 Craig Wright Books  31 Members
6 Craig Wright Business
7 Craig Wright Channel
8 Craig Wright Cryptology
9 Craig Wright Cybersecurity
10 Craig Wright Economics
11 Craig Wright Fight Criminals
12 Craig Wright Forensic Auditor
13 Craig Wright Government friendly
14 Craig Wright Highest Dreams
15 Craig Wright Ideology
16 Craig Wright Interviews
17 Craig Wright Interviews Videos
18 Craig Wright Legal
19 Craig Wright Patents
20 Craig Wright Personal
21 Craig Wright Religion
22 Craig Wright Slack – 30 Members
23 Craig Wright Tech
24 Craig Wright Video Talks
25 Craig Wright Videos

Craig Wright – Asperger / Autism
The art of Bitcoin. Craig S. Wright   – 60 Members
The Satoshi affaire. 30 June 2016  








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Passionate about Blockchain & Bitcoin technology since 2013, Co- Founder of, Team Manager in the CoinTelegraph Spain franchise (2016-2017 years) Co. Organizer of the Blockchain Boot camp Valencia 2018, Co. Organizer of the mini Hackathon BitcoinSV Barcelona, in August 2019, current coordinator of the BSV Valencia Meetup.


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Theory of Bitcoin – A serie from – Dr. Craig S. Wright & Ryan Charles

Captain R. A. Lynam

Grand Dad, Captain R. A. Lynam.  By LISA N EDWARDS