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Craig S. Wright Academic (1988-2012) Academic Degrees & Professional Certifications


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  • Craig S. Wright academic (1988-2012)
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Academic Degrees & Professional Certifications @BSVGlobal  Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (Craig academy) Dr. Craig Wright – A Wheelbarrow of Academic Degrees & Certificates nChain. Publicado el 30 nov. 2017 – 4 minutos

– Craig-Wright-Academic-Degrees-Certificates_2017


1988  (18 years old)


1991  (21 Years old)

01/03/1991 BUSINESS Executive Chef C&C Catering. – Nov 1994 (3 years 9 months)  


5/04/1994 “…if the cash system used by you and your bank is such that all money is in-herently traceable, it will be a lot harder to commit robbery, extortion, kidnapping, and all those other horrors which people fear will come with digital cash”. Hal Finney

1996  (26 Years old)

16/09/1996 IDEOLOGY Craig Wright is on the cypherpunk mailing lists arguing in favor of capitalism To: Timothy C. May 16/09/1996 Political Risk v. Charity (was: RE: Workers Paradise. /Political rant  

1997  (27 Years old)

01/04/1997 BUSINESS Information Security Australian Stock Exchange ASEApril 1997 – May 1998 (1 year 2 months) Tamaño de ASX 501-1000 empleados

01/11/1997 BUSINESS Managing Director, MD, CTO, CIO and founder. DeMorgan November 1997 – August 2003 (5 years 10 months)


1998  (28 Years old)

16/09/1998  EDUCATION Doctor of Theology, Comparitive Religous and Classical Studies 1998 – 2003


1999  (29 Years old)

“…The term “proof of work” was first coined and formalized in a 1999 paper by Markus Jakobsson and Ari Juels.[2]” – Wikipedia


2000  (30 Years old)

June 2000 Security in AUSTRALIA  Version 1.0 by A. Ashbury  and Craig S Wright


2001  (31 Years old)

01/02/2001 NT Security: Step-by-Step (Version 3.03) 49 pages Ridges Estate. February 2001 – September 2004 (3 years 8 months)


2003  (33 Years old)

24/07/2003- All Dave Kleiman posts on The Cryptography Mailing List . Authors Craig & Kleiman met online: they visited the same cryptography forums and had interacted since 2003. The Satoshi Affair. Page 16 Dave Kleiman

30/09/2003 BOOK by Peter Wayner. Policing Online Games –  Craig cited the book explaining why “blockchain” based digital money wasn’t Bitcoin’s innovation. 2003  Dr Craig Steven Wright’s first PhD is in theology: comparative religious and classical studies, achieved in 2003 with a dissertation titled “Gnarled roots of a creation theory”.  

2004  (34 Years old)

01/10/2004 BUSINESS Associate Director (Risk Services) BDO October 2004 – January 2009 (4 years 4 months) BDO


2005  (35 Years old)

03/04/2005 QUALIFICATION: Certified Since: April 2005 Retired Certifications: GSE

25/04/2005 Implementing an Information Security Management System (ISMS) Training process. G2700  GIAC Gold Papers: 100 Pag.   03/09/2005 Implementing an Information Security Management System (ISMS) Global Information Assurance Certification Paper Paper. 60 Pag. 16/09/2005  QUALIFICATION: Master of Statistics (MSTAT), Quantitative StatisticsUniversity of Newcastle  2005 – 2009


2006  (36 Years old) (8 Articles & Papers)

2006 Analysis of a Serial Based Digital Voice Recorder. 60 Pag. 09/01/2006 Electronic Contracting, New Wine in Old Bottles. SSRN

7/02/2006 Email Forensic/Cyber Crime Investigator From: “dave kleiman To: Craig 08/02/2006 Forensic/Cyber Crime Investigator. “The facts and only the facts”. 13/02/2006 Was Forensic/Cyber Crime Investigator – Now Statistical Analysis of Digital Forensic Sciences. BDO 22/02/2006 Vulnerabilites in new laws on computer hacking. BDO 22/03/2006 Email Signing before Encryption and Signing after Encryption. BDO 31/03/2006 Extending Control, API Hooking. Hakin9

                   (Charles Sturt University) student number 11293457 

  16/09/2006  QUALIFICATION: LLM, Law (International Commercial Law). Northumbria University 2006 – 8 01/10/2006 A QUANTITATIVE TIME SERIES ANALYSIS OF MALWARE AND VULNERABILITY TRENDS. BDO

2007  (37 Years old) (9 Articles & Papers)

1- Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System 8/01/2007 BOOK Complex Social Networks Fernando Vega Redondo. Professor Universidad de Alicante 1990 – 2007 – Craig confirms Bitcoin is a small-world network. 01/01/2007 BUSINESS Mentor and Stay Sharp Instructor SANS Institute. 2015 (8 years) 01/01/2007 QUALIFICATION: Technical Director. GIAC Ethics Board until (2011) 01/01/2007 BOOK Dave Kleiman Rootkits for Dummies (For Dummies (Computer/Tech) 01/01/2007 Beyond automated tools and Frameworks – the shellcode injection process. Hakin9 03/03/2007 The Psychology of Security Dr Craig Wright • Schneier on Security 31/03/2007 Taking control, Functions to DLL injection. Hakin9 03/07/2017 Overwriting Hard Drive Data: The Great Wiping Controversy. Kleiman 14/04/2007 Concepts: Security and Obscurity. BDO 16/07/2007 A Taxonomy of InformationSystems Audits, Assessmentsand Reviews. . SANS Institute 01/08/2007 The Problem With Document Destruction. Vol 10. The IIA, USA 16/09/2007  EDUCATION Psychology, Psychology. Charles Sturt University – 2010 04/10/2007 . java source code audit. BDO 30/10/2007 . PAYMENTS PROVIDERS AND INTERMEDIARIES AS DEFINED IN THE LAW OF THE INTERNET. 07/11/2007 BOOK Dave Kleiman – The Official CHFI Study Guide Craig Wright 01/12/2007 RELIGION The Uniting Church (NSW) Trust Association Limited. United Financial Services Trustee. December 2007 – Present (2015)


2008  (38 Years old) (17 Articles & Papers)

14/01/2008 ELECTRONIC CONTRACTING IN AN INSECURE WORLD 21/01/2008 Requirements for Record Keeping and Document Destruction in a Digital World SANS RR Oct 2007. 84 Pages 31/01/2008 The postal acceptance rule 01/02/2008 “Electronic Contracting in an Insecure World” SANS RR Nov 2007. 27/02/2008 ISO 27001 mapping to PCI 05/03/2008 Defamation and the diffculties of law on the Internet. This post goes to those cowards who sit behind anonymity on the web 12/03/2008  Defamation and the diffculties of law on the Internet. SANS had “Police Decline to Intervene in Libellous Bebo Page Case (March 7 & 8, 2008” in Newsbytes Vol 10. 10/04/2008 INTERVIEW Craig Wright, Security Hero – GIAC Technical Director

17/04/2008 The Impact of Internet Intermediary Liability. 90 Pages 19/04/2008 . The application, scope and limits of Letters of Indemnity 21/04/2008 . UCP 500 – successful or not.

                   University of Northumbria (UK). Student Number: 05024288

22/06/2008 DETECTING HYDANSTATISTICAL METHODS FOR CLASSIFYING THE USE OF HYDANBASED STEGONOGRAPHY IN EXECUTABLE FILES 03/07/2008 Detecting Hydan: Statistical Methods For Classifying The Use Of Hydan Based Stegonagraphy In Executable Files. 04/07/2008 BOOK – “The IT Regulatory and Standards Compliance Handbook: How to Survive Information Systems Audit and Assessments“ 07/07/2008 Statistical Methods to Determine the Authenticity of Data.

15/10/2008 . Wiping a drive: /dev/zero or /dev/urandom better? GSE-Compliance 27/10/2008 . How math can help with forensics. SANS

 31/10/2008  Satoshi Nakamoto was the inventor of the bitcoin protocol, publishing a paper via the Cryptography Mailing List

14/11/2008 BOOK – Mobile Malware Attacks and Defense – 440 Pages

17/11/2008 Satoshi Nakamoto Bitcoin P2P e-cash paper: I believe I’ve worked through all those little details over the last year and a half while coding it,…. The Cryptography Mailing List To: James A Donald

05/12/2008 Forensic Mining. SANS 15/12/2008 . Destruction of adverse documents . SANS 17-22/12/2008 Searches and the US 4th Amendment . SANS 30/12/2008 Current Issues in DNS. – Sans Technology Inst, USA. 78 Pag December 2008 BOOK – Overwriting Hard Drive Data: The Great Wiping Controversy. 243 Pages (Dave Kleiman and Craig Pages 243–257)


2009  (39 Years old) (16 Articles & Papers)

01/01/2009 BUSINESS Director Information Defense Pty Ltd January 2009 – June 2011 (2 years 6 months) 03/01/2009 The genesis block is dated to 3rd January, 2009. The first mined block occurred on 9th January.

12/01/2009 Hal Finney, who would receive the first bitcoin transaction, on block 9. 10 btc

11/02/2009 Overwriting can occur anytime, as long as it is done once after . SANS 18/02/2009 Free Windows Drive tools . SANS

23/02/2009 Starting a Drive Repair/Recovery Lab . SANS 11/03/2009 SQL, Databases and Forensics. SANS 15/03/2009 Forensics and Data Access Auditing . SANS 21/03/2009 Judge orders defendant to decrypt PGP-protected laptop – CNET News 27/03/2009 SQL Rootkits . SANS 01/04/2009 Code in a Flash . SANS 24/04/2009 Code skills make better Forensic Analysts . SANS 27/04/2009 Using HELIX LIVE for Windows . SANS 29/04/2009 System Scanner . SANS 01/05/2009 BUSINESS Vice President, Forensics Services. iVolution Security (6 years) 11/05/2009 A Step-by-Step introduction to using the AUTOPSY Forensic Browser .SANS 22/05/2009 BOOK – Official (ISC)2 Guide to the CISSP(R)-ISSMP(R) CBKLaw, Investigations, Forensics and Ethics“. 22/06/2009 Live Investigations .SANS 29/06/2009 . Hard Drive Errors and Replacements . SANS 16/09/2009  EDUCATION PhD, Computer Science. Charles Sturt University – 2012 28/09/2009 . Reverse Enginnering Java . SANS 03/11/2009 An Analysis of SpyKing . SANS

2010  (40 Years old) (16 Articles & Papers)

9/02/2010 Modelling Risk. blog personal

9/02/2010 how about accepting a challenge to an open debate on the subject at Defcon?

12/02/2010 . Risk measurements. “Risk and economics matter to security.”

09/03/2010 . Building a UNIX/Linux Incident response / Forensic Disk . SANS

10/03/2010 . Unix Logging . SANS

12/03/2010 . Unix Network and System profiling . SANS

15/03/2010 . Finding out about other users on a Linux system . SANS

22/03/2010 . Finer Points of Find . SANS

24/03/2010 . Unix System Accounting and Process Accounting . SANS 09/04/2010 . Undersanding *NIX File Linking (ln) . SANS

13/04/2010 . An anti-forensics dd primer . SANS

28/05/2010 Criminal Specialization as a corollary of Rational Choice.” ICBIFE, HK

24/06/2010 . NDIFF for incident detection . SANS

13/07/2010 . Linux Programming Tools . SANS

24/08/2010 Packer Analysis Report – Debugging and unpacking the NsPack 3.4 and 3.7 packer. Sans Technology Inst, USA 30/11/2010 The Economics of Developing Security Embedded Software. 12 Pages Charles Sturt University

01/12/2010 Software, Vendors and Reputation: an analysis of the dilemma in creating secure software” Intrust 2010 China

13/12/2010 Software, vendors and reputation: An analysis of the dilemma in creating secure softwareCharles Sturt University

2010 BUSINESS Wright began working for Bodog in 2010, Ayre featured in the 2006 “billionaires” issue of Forbes magazine.


2011 (41 Years old) (23 Articles & Papers)

2011 Rationally Opting for the Insecure Alternative: Negative Externalities and the Selection of Security Controls. CISIS Spain

08/01/2011 A Quantitative Analysis into the Economics of Correcting Software . CISIS Spain 2010 25/01/2011 . Erasing drives should be quick and easy. SANS

26/01/2011 Using checklists to make better best Craig S. Wright, Tanveer A. Zia 15/02/2011 Modeling System Audit as a Sequential test with Discovery as a Failure Time Endpoint” ICBIFE, HK. Wright, C & Via, T (2011)

11/04/2011 BOOK Official (ISC)2® Guide to the ISSMP® CBK® ((ISC)2 Press)– 470 Pag. 11/04/2011 BUSINESS Asia Pacific Director, VP GICSR | Global Institute for Cyber Security + Research – February 2012 (11 months)

23/04/2011 Satoshi disappeared from the Bitcoin forums “I’ve moved on to other things. It’s in good hands with Gavin and everyone”. said to Mike Hearn

01/06/2011 Scanning for Malware Offline is Essential

10/06/2011 Rationally Opting for the Insecure Alternative: Negative Externalities and the Selection of Security Controls . Charles Sturt University 8 Pages

10/06/2011 A Quantitative Analysis into the Economics of Correcting Software Bugs 4th International Conference on Computational Intelligence in Security for Information Systems: CISIS 2011 – Hotel Melia Costa del Sol, Torremolinos, Málaga, Spain Chapter 4: Securing Software. Pages 198-205

20/06/2011 A comparative study of attacks against Corporate IIS and Apache Web Serv

14/07/2011 What makes an expert? 26/07/2011 Why didn’t Google catch the Norway killer?

29/07/2011 Are Anonymous and LulzSec about to hack PayPal for WikiLeaks?

4/08/2011 World’s biggest-ever cyber attacks uncovered – and it’s only the beginning 

9/08/2011 LulzSec, Anonymous … freedom fighters or the new face of evil? Craig S Wright 24/08/2011 Starting to Write Your Own Shellcode 4 Pages

24/08/2011 A preamble into aligning Systems engineering and Information security risk measures” ICBIFE, HK 24/08/2011 Exploiting format Strings with Python. Hakin9

24/08/2011 Starting to write your own shellcode. Hakin9

31/08/2011  BOOK – Check Point NGX R65 Security Administration– 800 Pages 

05/09/2011 Rationally opting for the insecure alternative: Negative externalities and the selection of security controls. 20 pag

20/09/2011 the Law Says about Distributing a Virus or Malware

26/09/2011 SCADA: Air Gaps Do Not Exist

11/10/2011 A Preamble into Aligning Systems Engineering and Information Security Risk 38 Pages 30/10/2011 BOOK – A quantitative analysis into the economics of correcting software bugs. 12 Pages (Pages 198–205)

01/11/2011 Of Black Swans, Platypii and Bunyips. The outlier and normal incident in risk management. CACS2011 Australia

01/12/2011 A comparative study of attacks against Corporate IIS and Apache Web Servers. Sans Technology Inst, USA

07/12/2011 Using checklists to make better bestCharles Sturt University

13/12/2011 Modeling system audit as a sequential test with discovery as a failure time endpoint. 2011 International Conference on Business Intelligence and Financial Engineering: ICBIFE 2011 – Hong Kong, Craig W, Tanveer ZiaCharles Sturt University

23/12/2011 BUSINESS Eventually, later in 2011, I started working on a company called Panopticrypt.  The story of Bitcoin, 


2012 (42 Years old)

01/01/2012 BUSINESS Executive Vice President, Strategic Development CSCSS / Centre for Strategic Cyberspace + Security Science. – July 2015 (3 years) London, UK 24/08/2012 Group Selection and Cyber Terror. 5 Pages 18/10/2012 BUSINESS Denariuz Ltd is a Private Company Limited. Doncaster, South Yorkshire. 05/12/2012 . Territorial behavior and the economics of Botnets

2013 (43 Years old)



Compilation of +440 Craig Wright´s Post, Papers & Books in chronological order (Open list) (0 submissions)

Craig S. Wright academic (1992-2012)






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Bitcoin Association Annual Report 2019

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