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CoinGeek Live 2020 New York-London (Resume)







The @RealCoinGeek team getting ready for the kick-off of the biggest global gathering of developers and entrepreneurs from the #BitcoinSV ecosystem – #CGLive


                     New York

CoinGeek Live Day 1: New style, new technologies, New York

1 OCTOBER 2020  Charles Miller


CoinGeek Live Day 2: Health, tokens, social media and fresh air.

Charles Miller



CoinGeek Live Day 1 – London

1 OCTOBER 2020  Jordan Atkins –



       Offices in Zug, Switzerland

Thrilled to have such a big audience at the @BitcoinAssn

offices in Zug, Switzerland, for day 3 of CoinGeek Live!

Bringing together experts from a diverse array of industries, #CGLive is a showcase of the one world, one chain vision of #BSV.

Join here:


CoinGeek Screening – hosted by Two Hop Amsterdam



The Judges have heard the presentations from the finalist. Remember, you also have the power to vote for the winner of the #BSVHackathon.








nChain Acquires Award-Winning Software Development Company Equaleyes


LONDON, Oct. 1, 2020 — nChain, the provider of enterprise-grade public blockchain solutions, today announces its acquisition of Equaleyes, the multi-award-winning software development firm based in Maribor, Slovenia. This acquisition is the latest move by nChain to further bolster its development arm. Earlier this year, nChain acquired CREA and became one of the world’s most powerful Bitcoin development teams.

nChain Acquires Award-Winning Software Development Company Equaleyes



USD Coin comes to Bitcoin SV; Introducing wrapped USDC by RelayX

Sep 23 · 2020


Relay and Run bring first stablecoin to Bitcoin SV

1 OCTOBER 2020   Joshua Henslee



Inviting everyone onto ‘One World Chain’ as Jimmy Nguyen opens CoinGeek Live 2020

30 SEPTEMBER 2020   Jon Southurst




Steve Shadders: Satoshi’s P2P Vision for Bitcoin is here at last

30 SEPTEMBER 2020   Jon Southurst


Steve Shadders, CTO @nchainglobal & Technical Director, @BitcoinSVNode

project announces the new SPV Channels v1.0.0 &  new updates to Bitcoin SV v1.0.6 “Push”  and, mAPI 1.2 (Cabeza que explota.)




In his keynote at CoinGeek Live, Congressman Darren Soto provided a better understanding of the balance lawmakers are trying to hit when it comes to optimizing innovation around blockchain and digital currency

CoinGeek Live 2020: US Rep. Darren Soto talks balancing innovation and regulation for blockchain growth




The Bayesian Group

The Bayesian Group has been working on “consumer-first, transparent solutions built on Bitcoin SV,” in line with its mission of furthering positive change by transforming the fabric of our global systems. […]

Re-imagining modern finance on Bitcoin SV blockchain at CoinGeek Live


The Bayesian Group through its brand Fabriik is building the future world financial system on Bitcoin. Money Button is the leading wallet solution for Bitcoin. Money Button has been acquired by The Bayesian Group to create a holistic solution integrating a hedge fund, a tokenization platform, and a digital asset wallet. Money Button powers the wallet component of the solution.


Money Button joins Fabriik

By Money Button









Future of banking, financial products and blockchain at CoinGeek Live 2020


CoinGeek Live 2020: Bitcoin experts discuss state of BSV tokens



George Gilder has just given us an amazing talk answering whether  Satoshi Nakamoto can save the World Internet & World Money.👏

Remember; Wealth is knowledge, Growth is learning & Money is time.



Richard Baker, CEO Geospock LTD


“Technology is about what you enable your customers to do and we’re delighted that we’re at the heart of helping service providers begin to think about the value  they bring to their customers building out new  services”

David Washburn, CEO – nChain


“We want to be at a point where people can do provable demonstrable auditable cheques in real-time and then potentially sell this same information or just transfer the same information”

Peter Bainbridge- Clayton, Founder & CTO, #Kompany



Catch Lance Morginn, President of Blockchain Intelligence Group at 9:55am PT / 12:55pm ET today to hear him talk about #blockchain intelligence, analytics, forensics & #compliance tools for #BSV.



Lance Morginn
– President, Blockchain Intelligence Group
Blockchain Intelligence: Analytics, Forensics & Compliance Tools for Bitcoin SV
18008 – Kerrisdale P.O. Vancouver, BC, V6M 4L3
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canadá


What are your top three takeaways from the Intellectual Property & Blockchain discussion?


TAAL’s mAPI services enable UNISOT to process important blockchain transactions in a controlled and secure manner. […]

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The post UNISOT has partnered with TAAL to secure Enterprise level Blockchain Transaction Processing appeared first on CoinGeek .…/




On Day 2 of CoinGeek Live, Dr. Craig Wright appeared live from London to answer questions and close the day with the challenge to “be strong.” […]

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The post CoinGeek Live: The Fireside Chat appeared first on CoinGeek .



Community builders Faiā have launched Honā, an accountability platform that has received interest from the Silicon Valley venture capitalists. […]

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The post New startup Honā taps into the power of ‘micro’ to improve remote worker productivity appeared first on CoinGeek…/





Dr. Robert Huber and Phillip Runyan described at CoinGeek Live how faulty processes and corruption over the years have destroyed trust in the pharmaceutical industry, and how Bitcoin could help rebuild it. […]

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The post CoinGeek Live 2020: Veridat and JuvaTech using Bitcoin to restore trust appeared first on CoinGeek .…/



Join the discussion to find out how #BSV solves iGaming challenges!



We take a look at the future of iGaming & the role of #BitcoinSV at #CGLive with a panel discussion:







/ Kronoverse CEO Adam Kling,

Esports Entertainment Group CTO John Brackens


CEO & Co-founder




Daniel Keane, Paul Chiari and Brendan Lee spoke at CoinGeek Live about using the Bitcoin SV ledger to store massive amounts of data generated by everything from pumps to trees and even cows. […]

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The post CoinGeek Live 2020: How Bitcoin SV provides data ledger for Internet of Things appeared first on CoinGeek .…/



Xoken Labs is announcing Xoken Vega, a new Bitcoin SV node implementation. […]

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The post Xoken Labs Announces Ultra-Scalable Node Infrastructure: Xoken Vega appeared first on CoinGeek .…/



Unbounded Enterprise is a Bitcoin (BSV) transaction processor, services provider, and services aggregator which aims to drive the integration of Bitcoin into start-ups and existing businesses. […]

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At CoinGeek Live 2020, Anypay, Zumo, GAP600 and Centi executives took the stage to speak about why customer experience is the key to mainstream Bitcoin adoption in payments. […]

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The post CoinGeek Live 2020: Improving the payment experience with Bitcoin appeared first on CoinGeek .…/


Social & Online Content Creators: Moving On-Chain to Make Money

SPECIAL GUEST: Douglas Rushkoff, Author, and host of Team Human, Professor of Media Theory and Digital Economics at CUNY/Queens

Eileen Brown –  Blogger at ZDNet

Isaac Morehouse, CEO – Crash, Inc.




“BSV is the only public blockchain that exists that can support the transactions cost, speed, and scale required to service enterprise-sized behemoths like the pharmaceutical industry”

Philip Runyan Director, Veridat




Clean Data: Clinical Research Integrity and Data Hygiene using Bitcoin SV

Dr. Robert Huber Founder & CEO, JuvaTech. Neuroscientist, Bowling Green State University

Philip Runyan Director, Veridat



EHR Data: The First Healthcare Data Platform Using the Bitcoin SV Blockchain

Ron Austring, Chief Scientist & Consultant #EHRData

Cheryl Jorgenson, Chief Clinical Officer, #EHRData

Joseph Eckstein, Director of Product Design, #EHR Data





Live from the London studio!🌇 Let’s talk about Tokens.





Re-Invent the Internet:  New Models for Digital Media & User Content

Jimmy Nguyen, Founding President, Bitcoin Association

Connor Murray CEO & Co-Founder True Reviews

Luke Rohenaz CEO of TonicPow

Billy Rose, the co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Twetch



New Browsers & Domain Systems for a Bitcoin SV-Powered Internet

Jeff Chen, Founder, and CEO of Maxthon Browser



“Thanks to BSV protocol, #Metastreme, and Elas digital we can; tokenize, authenticate, validate, store, share, and audit this data for perpetuity”

Daniel Keane – Managing Director Predict Ecology





iGaming Future: How the Bitcoin Blockchain Can Power More Efficiency and Transparency Across the Industry’s Value Chain




Limited edition tokens from @ElasDigital

If you have not until now, do visit their booth via sponsor hall option on the @RealCoinGeek

platform and grab your own exclusive collectibles












CoinGeek Live 2020: The future of digital asset security and custody




Craig Wright at CoinGeek Live: ‘We want to validate the existence of a computation’





Transmira’s Omniscape harnesses Bitcoin’s ‘greater power’ for Xperiential Reality

1 OCTOBER 2020  Patrick Thompson





Centbee at CoinGeek Live 2020 Building a Bitcoin business in Africa

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Written by Ramon Quesada

Passionate about Blockchain & Bitcoin technology since 2013, Co- Founder of, Team Manager in the CoinTelegraph Spain franchise (2016-2017 years) Co. Organizer of the Blockchain Boot camp Valencia 2018, Co. Organizer of the mini Hackathon BitcoinSV Barcelona, in August 2019, current coordinator of the BSV Valencia Meetup.


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