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The first time I chatted with Satoshi


The first time I chatted with Satoshi




Craig S Wright  17:08


Ramon Quesada17:09

Hi Craig, sorry for disturbing, Im just reviewing some info you share here in slack

Craig S Wright  17:10

happy to chat on here I’m just writing a paper and don’t like talking over the message on this link by voice

Ramon Quesada 17:10

I have not experience with slack and some time I press something wrong

Craig S Wright  17:10



Ramon Quesada  17:11

By the way I’m wondering, something is weird for me

I have seen you still are CSW for other and Craig S Wright for me?

Craig S Wright  17:12


I am not quite sure what you mean

depending on the platform Slack comes up as either CSW or Craig Wright but same account (editado)

Ramon Quesada  17:13

I will show you a picture if I manage to know how to do it

Craig S Wright  17:14


it’s both of you have a look but I don’t know how Slack decides what to display



Ramon Quesada  17:18


Craig S Wright  17:24

I could not answer questions about the functioning of usernames in slack

I have never bothered to check how it works

Ramon Quesada  17:25

ok I understand

I found this picture in Twetch, and I was wondering if is true, Do you really want to show some part of your information to the word to show people part of your Knowledge (you have share in Slack)?, if it is true, I will Appreciate it a lot, in fact I think, people should know lot of thing about you, and what you have been done, and of course, I understand you want to keep some private family live, (I feel like a family man too) this style of live you like with you studies, and your work, where you enjoy the most, but I have been studying you for a while, also studying the people around Bitcoin since 2013, And to tell you the truth, I see two worlds, and most people don’t know anything you’ve been doing and that’s why it complicates everything much more.

Craig S Wright  17:52

family stays private but the rest I’m sharing

Ramon Quesada  17:53

this is part of what I have been researching about you, I thing all this info is public, please tell me if it is wrong or it is not as you like, my goal is just inform myself as accurate as possible, to know the truth, I hope I’m doing it right, and not show things you don´t want or risk your family


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8 may. 2020 (93 kB)

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24 ago. 2020 (60 kB)

Craig S Wright  17:53

Bitcoin was never designed to be a cypherpunk creation and in particular it is not anarchist in nature.

you have been busy

I saw some of your early stuff a while ago but I haven’t followed what you been up to and I must say you have been busy

Ramon Quesada  17:54

Sure!!!,  I believe you 100%, I have been watching all about it

Craig S Wright  17:55

bitcoin is a system that can deliver an open ledger that allows people to have truth and honesty and in doing this it can minimize or even stop corruption as far as that can be stopped

so, to me it is vital that I take away the anarchist narrative because that stand against everything bitcoin is really about

Ramon Quesada  17:57

I believe Bitcoin is one of the biggest invent in the recent history, so that why have dedicate lot of hours not only to Bitcoin, but also to the one who create it

Craig S Wright  17:57

nothing more to say there than thank you

Ramon Quesada  18:01

well it is me, the one who says thank you Craig!!!!! lot of good things have to come!!!!

I do really think world have to change, and people from the 3º world as me (I was born in Cuba), deserve a better life!!!! and robust technology as Bitcoin, could help to bring this change.

Craig S Wright  18:08

I completely agree that the narrative has to be one that is different. Bitcoin doesn’t bank the unbanked

it does allow them to earn money over the Internet and this is a different thing. From there, we can develop exchange histories and proof of saving and identity and that will help them gain banking and capital and all that makes people in the West able to survive the way we do

The anarchist concept is an allergist and related to the socialist and Marxist concept

it is a radical equality in the problem with that is that it makes everybody poor

You cannot raise people by lowering others

This is what the Socialist fails to understand – you cannot merely have people forced into labour and expect them to work as hard as possible

you need to incentivize people and that means that those who work hardest get more

Ramon Quesada  18:10

I escaped communism from Cuba in 1991

Craig S Wright  18:10

I am glad

unfortunately, the lies that people like Michael Moore from the West try and tell us hide the truth

Ramon Quesada  18:10


I see all you say as clear as water!!!!!

Craig S Wright  18:20

This is also why classical Western culture is so important. From authors such as Montesquieu and Aristotle we learn that too much equality leads to the destruction of democracy and a republic.

At the limits, anarchy becomes tyranny and the vacuum becomes full

From Locke we see how people react when the world is one of chaos and that is that they allow for the creation of tyrants who will take away their rights

Ramon Quesada  18:32

When I was learning french, I don’t remember quite well, but I read in a book (I don’t remember if she was Margaritte Yousenar or someone els) the link between “la memoire et le Coeur” the memory and the heart, and I have never have forget this, if you want someone remember you (or what you say), touch his heart!!!!

I personally believe (and I would like us to agree on this) that anarchist narrative can only be minimized with information that you can provide and that can be told so that most people can understand in a language that reaches people’s hearts, Bitcoin is a very complex invention that most people will never understand , but if you count from a human and non-technical perspective, I think you can reach more people and put aside all those ancap who are but a handful of people with an ideology that most human beings do not share, people basically want to work, have justice and be happy and that is not provided by any of the variants of anarchists.

Craig S Wright  18:36

Ramon, I completely understand that. The difficulty is getting through the noise.

There will be a new message coming very shortly but it is going to be a long difficult battle

Unfortunately, I see no other way. You will understand shortly

but for now, I cannot give more details

Ramon Quesada  18:42

ok I understand, but I would like to help, your battle is also the battle of a lot of people, that want this invent live free, so that’s why I share as info as possible, for people understand the true. I create this telegram channel to give good info to the people, more than 300 people are reading what you say every day (more than 600 members in this channel and it is growing every day!!!! (editado)

Telegram Craig Wright – Slack


Craig S Wright  18:45

please do

I am doing my best to overcome my deficiencies at the moment. My abilities to interact socially are better than they were but I have more to learn

in this, I also need to learn many more aspects of life outside of merely computer science, economics and related concepts and in that endeavor, I have been busy

Ramon Quesada  18:48

I have seen your progress!!!! congrat!!!!! I’m better with people than with math, ha ha ha just the contrary to you!!!!



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